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1.) If you were a condiment, which one would you be? Why? 
Tim Peters-That stuff they put on cocktail wienies...because it just seems right.
2.) Favorite LOCAL restaurant? What do typically eat there?
Tim Peters-That BBQ place in the back of the antique store. uhhhh...BBQ!
3.) Favorite Wichita scandal?
Tim Peters-That guy that was caught with a duck at Eastbourough pond.  
4.) How do you spend most of your Saturdays? 
Tim Peters-Doing what I'm told to do...why, what are you supposed to do on your day off?
5.) I couldn't live without my Diet Mountain Dew!!!!!
6.) East side OR West side(Wichita)? Why? 
Tim Peters-I live north so I get the best of both.
7.) What can "LITE" up your day? 
Tim Peters-Reconnecting with an old friend from my old days in Wichita.
8.) What song do you listen to most on your iPod? 
Tim Peters-What's an IPOD?
9.) Favorite word? Is there a reason you love that word?
Tim Peters-Underpants...it just sounds funny.
10.) What's 1 talent most people don't know about you?
Tim Peters-I have no talent and everyone knows it. Can't fool no matter what.